We shal return to the title and subheading, with their quiet provocation, at the end.

This book offers a new way to confront faith, taking as a sarting point a profound examination of our everyday life and the questions we all secretly want to ask. Often the Bible does not illuminate because we ask the wrong questions, and ignore the real questions of the heart. Giving answers to those who ask no questions is like sowing stones.

If we look around us we see so much youthful enthusiasm which deserves a future full of hope and which is in danger of suffocating in the nihilistic emptiness of current culture. It isn’t easy for a young person to take a panoramic view of all the hope, philosophies and promises of history, especially recent hisory, and to realize that they have all passed from fashion, although not always doing damage as they go.

Why are there so many different ideas, which govern the life and destiny of mankind? Everyone thinks that he is right, but if this is so, everyone else must be wrong. Behind this lies a huge problem of love which needs to be “redeemed”, healed by a pure spring, so that we can realize our yearnings, otherwise it causes suffering for itself and for others.

There was a man (the historical proof is beyond scientific doubt), the son of a Middle-Eastern carpenter, who offered himself as the innocent source of a redeeming love, a stream of living water which quenches the thirst for eternal love. He said unheard-of things: “Never man spake like this man” (John 7:46), things that no man in his senses can say. And he revolutionized history. The son of a carpenter who claimed to be the son of God and who had himself crucified for his obstinacy. A poor fool, a vagabond who paid for his folly with death. Or was he?

If we study the immeasurable problems of love that condition us, Jesus’ words become the light of our life. Faith gives new divine horizons but at the same time illuminates the great problems of man. Nowadays it is more necessary than ever not only to study the Scriptures, but also to study man in order to understand the beauty of the answer revealed. Someone pointed out that Christ’s words have a beauty that goes beyond human beauty, and hence reason is led to believe that Jesus is the son of God.

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