My greatest dream:

myriads of primary charismatic expanding cores.

There is no other way for the new evangelization.

And it is easier than it may seem.

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My red thread

It may be helpful to take a quick look at my philosophical-theological background to better understand the vastness of the topics treated in my books.

In 1959, when I had already graduated in Canon Law, but I was not a priest yet, I have completed the theological studies of neo-mythology, and I have decided to graduate in communication sciences, with a journalistic approach. me into contact with men’s history, eager to capture the background currents And to understand why although the story was defined as “magistra vitae”, in fact it rarely favored better developments.

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Filo rosso© -2014 – Paola Grossi Gondi – Roma

Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna

Main topics

The site material deserves a scene that reveals a global thought, consistent with Catholic orthodoxy, which can provide a remarkable enrichment of Christians’ lives and an effective response to the issues surrounding the culture around us.

The originality of my contribution is based on two fundamental premises: the renewal of metaphysicsfrom the act of being relational and the intensity of the theme of love that “religiously” condenses the thinking and acting of All men, believers or unbelievers in God (read here), with new lights on the presence of original sin that seals idolatrous and sectarian ties of social affiliation . There is a need for considerable reflection to grasp the depth of the conditioning of love and its overthrow due to the original sin to enter into the problems of social and ecclesial relations. (Read here)

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